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As the crypto market grows, the media that enter the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies increase, given this excess of information, it is increasingly difficult to segment quality news. This work is facilitated by news indexers, which collect information from the most relevant media in the sector in one place. Today we will talk about Blockboard, a cryptocurrency news indexer different from the others.

Created in 2018, blockboard is a website that will undoubtedly have to talk, with a team that works with maximum care for details and intends to position itself as one of the benchmarks in the sector.

In addition to offering quality content, the way in which this content is offered to the public can make the difference between an article being seen or going unnoticed. In this aspect, Blockboard takes care of the design and the way in which the news is presented to its users, with a design in the form of a blackboard, the platform offers a useful and attractive content for its readers, in a very intuitive interface.

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In the top menu, we can filter the articles according to the meda that has written them, the news type or the different cryptocurrencies, there is also a section where you can see the price of the different virtual currencies with added information about them, for instance, a small explanation about the currency, a price history of recent months, the latest Twitter messages that talk about them, real-time graphics, etc.

The prices analysis also have their space in Blockboard, Bitcoin analysis [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP], Litecoin [LTC] and other cryptocurrencies, with a great advantage, which is to be able to compare the analysis of several sites and so draw our own conclusions.

A good source of information to be aware of everything that happens in the cryptocurrency sector is essential, but having time to read and study that information is equally important, which is why Blockboard brings a section dedicated to the best videos of the sector, where you do not need to stop to read, listen to the news anywhere and do not lose detail of everything that is happening.

Although the rise in the creation of ICOs has declined sharply in the last year, it is undoubtedly something to be taken into account, the new platforms created and what they contribute to the market is a fact that must be fully informed.

All the content offered by Blockboard gives a great variety of information, which will satisfy the hunger for knowledge of the most demanding users.

From Crypto-Economy we are excited to be part of the selection of media that Blockboard has chosen to share with its readers and that is why we want to share this platform with all of you.

The blockboard team works to add new features and applications to the page that may be useful for their readers and thus help them to always be informed with a careful and quality content.

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