Cross-Chain Transactions are Now Available in Pudgy Penguins

Cross-Chain Transactions are Now Available Pudgy Penguins
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There are now cross-chain transactions for Polygon, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum using Pudgy Penguins. As a way to improve the ease of use and network capability of the project, LayerZero is being used to expand its Ethereum blockchain.

The concept of cross-chain NFTs is no longer a myth

The official announcement outlines two key aspects that are intended to improve accessibility both for Pudgy Penguins and Web3 in general. As a first step, the next wave of users should be able to interact with Pudgy Penguins and become part of its ecosystem as easily as possible, since there are hundreds of millions of users. 

In addition, Pudgy has provided them with the opportunity to become a part of the NFT ecosystem without having to worry about the huge gas fees that are associated with it. Gas fees can shoot up 1,000% or more when there are more than two million transactions per day. There simply isn’t enough infrastructure to handle a huge influx of users with the current system in place.

It is now possible for Pudgy Penguins to have the best of both worlds by utilizing cross-chain technology: provenance and user experience.

There is a protocol called LayerZero, which allows for omnichain interoperability and makes it possible to go cross-chain. In addition to the LayerZero team, there is also a group of Pudgy Penguins wearing Wizard Hats who have been instrumental in the creation of the bridge by the Penguineering team. 

To facilitate Lil Pudgys’ travel seamlessly between multiple chains, LayerZero has implemented an omnichain technology, which enables NFTs to move seamlessly between Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum chains. Due to their rapidly growing usage and exposure, Pudgy has chosen these three chains to enhance its marketing efforts.

As part of the Penguineering team, the brand new soulTransport technology is being utilized to automatically issue soulbound tokens to bridgers through the new Penguineering interface. It is planned to issue three distinct soulbound tokens, one for each chain, and a unique token for each chain. 

From the Ethereum mainnet, you will be able to bridge to the chain that corresponds to the one you choose from which you will receive a commemorative token as a souvenir that will never leave your wallet. 

As the blockchain industry develops, cross-chain functionalities are becoming a necessity to stay competitive. In the market today, there are a number of networks with unique features and benefits. Depending on their needs, users can choose different chains. For these networks to function properly, they must be connected.

With the introduction of the new cross-chain service from Pudgy Penguins, we are sure that NFT collectors will have greater access to more opportunities. In the long run, it may lead to a greater number of projects adopting this feature.


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