Corporate Traveller Now Accepts Payment in Cryptocurrency after Partnering With BitPay

Corporate Traveller Now Accepts Payment in Cryptocurrency after Partnering With Bitpay
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Although formed in 2011, BitPay has made huge strides in the crypto sphere. However, this new partnership with UK leading specialist Travel Company Corporate Traveller will take BitPay places. Through Corporate Traveller partnering with BitPay, the latter will now be receiving payment in crypto for the travelling services the former provides to SMEs. The latter offers travel management services for SMEs with a budget between £50K to £2M and is an entity under the Flight Centre Travel Group which has been up and running since 1999. Through BitPay Corporate Travelers can now pay for their services in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Services BitPay will Offer

For BitPay they are in place to act as the go-between for Corporate Traveller and its customers through receiving cash in digital coins and transferring it into Corporate Traveller accounts in fiat currency in this case GBP within two business days. The latter saves Corporate Traveller from the volatility nature of crypto.

BitPay customers will pay a flat rate fee

In addition to giving its customers an alternative payment option, Corporate Traveller will also be saving its customers from huge fees that come with credit card usage. With BitPay customers will pay a flat rate fee of 1% which is way cheaper compared to using plastic money.

Moreover, transactions are faster, more secure and convenient. One can initiate a transaction via a mobile device or computer. Furthermore, invoices can be made through an online e-commerce site or email.

According to Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay Sonny Singh, integration of blockchain into the travel sector has been a tremendous success. The latter has impacted the growth of the travel agents and airlines positively and has also helped stakeholders tap directly into the corporate travel bookings market while improving service delivery.


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