Consulting Firm BCW Group Teams UP With Kakao-Led Public Blockchain Project Klaytn

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BCW Group, the blockchain strategy consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong, has teamed with South Korean internet giant Kakao’s public blockchain platform Klaytn to develop a new expansion strategy for the project.

BCW group announced the news in a press release published on Tuesday, June 23. According to the announcement, BCW Group will with Klaytn to develop to “advance its growth and expansion as a public blockchain platform.”

Developed by the blockchain arm of Kakao, GroundX, Klaytn provides an enterprise-grade and service-centered platform for developers to develop various blockchain-based applications like smart contracts.

Klaytn combines the best features of both public blockchains such as decentralized data & control, and distributed governance, and private blockchains (low latency, high scalability). As reported, Klaytn went live on mainnet in June of 2019.


Klaytn has also a governance council in place responsible for operating the consensus node network and driving the ecosystem growth. Until now, more than 25 prominent names in the crypto and blockchain industry have joined the Klaytn Governance Council including Huobi Global and Binance.

Now everything in place Klaytn is eyeing for global expansion. To accomplish this Klaytn platform is recruiting top experts that together will develop components to build a world-class payments network. BCW Group is the latest addition to an ecosystem of more than 70 partners working to expand the Klaytn platform.

Oojin Mudgett, Head of Korea for BCW Group, commented:

“The impact on the market and the speed to market through its cooperation with global partners, including Kakao, is impressive. It is a perfect use case of enterprise joining the decentralized industry, where there are few peers. The advantages of implementing blockchain in a super-app ecosystem to empower the community in games, micropayments, mobility, and content are significant. We are looking forward to a better way to connect with digital services in our daily lives.”

BCW Group is a global strategy and management consulting firm with expertise in digital payments, digital assets, and distributed ledger technology. According to BCW, to address the unique need of each client, it works as a partnership firm and forms a specialized integrated working group with its clients to build out the strategic components of a project.

The BCW Payment service focuses on integrating frictionless payments infrastructure for the growth & development of digital businesses. BCW Group has also strong ties with Prime Trust and Worldpay from FIS, sophisticated payment solutions for enterprises.

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