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Constellation Network Inc. Signs a Working Contract with the United States Air Force

As part of its USAF Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Phase I, the US Air Force has signed a working contract with Constellation Network Inc. The deal grants Constellation Network Inc. powers to come in and help the Air Force in managing its data from Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2).

For quite a long time, the US Air Force has been having issues with data from its cross-service stakeholders because the said data is complicated, disconnected, and disbursed. However, this will be a thing of the past with Constellation help.

Per the press release, Constellation will create a rail that will seal the gap and integrate the Air Force constituents into one.

In particular, Constellation blockchain solution will come to integrate the data generated from the force multitude of data. The latter comes from satellites, planes, and drones, but collecting, planning and handling the data’s forensic is cumbersome. Similarly, it also requires a lot of work.


However, Constellation will sort all that by integrating an agile interoperability solution based on blockchain for both future and legacy data. Besides that, the blockchain solution will also be scalable and bagging on that the latter will provide a sure way of approaching big data processing. At the same, it will still enable merging of legacy data systems with existing cloud infrastructure data.

Additional Benefits of Constellation Blockchain Solution to the US Air Force

While the system streamlines management of data because it’s based on blockchain technology, its features will unearth more benefits.

Decentralized feature of blockchain technology will enhance security in Air Force data streams.

Moreover, blockchain technology will also encrypt the data hence increase security. Similarly, blockchain will enable the US Air Force to have a live overview of the status of data and also have reliable audit trails.

Apart from the Constellation contract, the US Air Force also signed a deal with SIMBA Chain to develop a blockchain prototype dubbed BASECAMP.

BASECAMP or Blockchain Approach for Supply Chain Additive Manufacturing Parts will be in place to not only register but also trace additive manufacturing components. Through leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud, SIMBA Chain will create a solution to help improve the integrity of data

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