Consensys Phases Out Truffle and Ganache

Consensys Phases Out Truffle and Ganache
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Consensys has announced its plans to sunset both Truffle and Ganache amid its plans to shift to MetaMask Snaps and SDK. The chief technology officer and partner at Paradigm, Georgios Konstantopoulos, deemed the development to be the end of an era and further highlighted that he wrote his first smart contract on the Truffle Suit.

Currently, Ethereum developers are looking forward to getting together to salute the teams behind these two toolkits as these were increasingly vital during the early days of Ethereum smart contracts. 

Truffle commented that it was a challenging period of time and that the toolkit would be phased out within the upcoming 90 days. The announcement resulted in several remarks from various Ethereum developers who mainly highlighted how these toolkits were the first using which they wrote their first smart contracts, and how these helped kickstart their careers.

The Truffle Suite was launched all the way back in 2015 and its team and technology were acquired by Consensys in 2020. During the time of acquisition, Consensys remarked that the suite was being used by almost 1.3 million developers around the globe.

Consensys Moves On

Consensys Moves On

In an effort to streamline the transition between tech stacks, Consensys explained that it would join hands with HardHat to help developers get on with writing and deploying new software on the Ethereum network. The platform is currently investing in a series of tools and APIs to empower developers to build DApps along with MetaMask, Infura, and Linea.

After being phased out from the platform, the two toolkits would remain available as public archives. Within the Ethereum development community, Ganache was considered to be a popular tool for creating, evaluating, and deploying smart contracts. It was an increasingly sought-after tech stack as a result of its interoperability with the Truffle Suite, a development framework for building, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

MetaMask Snaps are simply Consensys’ name for DApps built by third-party developers that would be utilized to extend the overall functionality of the MetaMask wallet. However, the head of strategy at Consensys, Simon Morris, continued to explain that the functionality of the soon-to-be-released MetaMask snaps would be almost identical to that of Apple’s app store. 


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