ConsenSys Partners With China’s Blockchain Services Network

ConsenSys Partners With China’s Blockchain Services Network
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ConsenSys announced a strategic partnership with one of China’s biggest blockchain organizations. The Blockchain-based Service Network or BSN provides blockchain infrastructure for companies and government organizations in China. The new collaboration with ConsenSys makes it possible for them to offer services for more users by leveraging the ConsenSys Quorum.

Government Organizations Building Services on Ethereum

ConsenSys Quorum is an open-source protocol layer. It helps enterprises build apps and services on Ethereum easier. BSN focuses on providing access to blockchain-based services for Chinese enterprises. The partnership between these two makes it possible for more companies in China to build and distribute Etherem-based dApps.

There are multiple product modules available for ConsenSys Quorum users. They can leverage Quorum and combine it with modules to make blockchain-based apps. Combining Quorum services with independent dApps is also possible. After all, the partnership between ConsenSys and BSN is great news for Chinese enterprises.

The Chinese government is working hard to empower blockchain-based developers and companies. There are many government-backed initiatives and organizations that support this mindset. One of the biggest ones is BSN. The State Information Center of China (SIC) supports BSN. The network provides everything needed for developing and deploying dApps at the enterprise level. Unified certificate management, gateway APIs, smart contract SDKs, and encryption algorithms are accessible for BSN members. So, they can develop and distribute dApps easier.

Part of the partnership between ConsenSys and BSN is connecting both systems. As part of that, GoQuorum will be interoperable with BSN protocols. Interchain Communications Hub in BSN will make this interoperability possible.

ConsenSys provides some utilities called Codefi applications. Some of them are Orchestrate, Workflow, and Assets. As a part of the partnership, these applications will be available for BSN customers. All of them are useful for developing business-focused dApps.

The latest strategic partnership with BSN helps ConsenSys provide services for an enormous user-base. BSN is growing very fast and surely can attract new users to the ConsenSys ecosystem. Joseph Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys, said:

“Decentralized protocols like Ethereum are a breakthrough in how we can imbue trust in all of our systems, by facilitating deeper collaboration and the creation of digital assets. ConsenSys Quorum is unique in that it spans the whole range of needs for enterprises in terms of privacy and permission features, yet is still compatible with the Ethereum mainnet. We believe that the different open-source blockchain protocols need to interoperate, and with the BSN, we are taking a significant step forward in bringing ConsenSys Quorum to many enterprises in China that could benefit from transparent, collaborative business networks.”

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