Conflux Network Leads China’s Ambitious Ultra-Large Scale Blockchain Infrastructure

Conflux Network Leads China's Ambitious Ultra-Large Scale Blockchain Infrastructure
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  • The Chinese government has launched a blockchain initiative called “Ultra-Large-Scale Blockchain Infrastructure Platform for the Belt and Road Initiative,” led by Conflux Network.
  • The main goal of the project is to establish a public blockchain infrastructure to support cross-border cooperation projects along the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Although it is presented as a boost to international collaboration, there are concerns about privacy and possible interference by the Chinese government in the project.

The Chinese government has announced the creation of an ambitious blockchain initiative under the name “Ultra-Large Scale Blockchain Infrastructure Platform for the Belt and Road Initiative”, led by Conflux Network.

This project aims to facilitate cross-border cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative by establishing a public blockchain infrastructure.

Although presented as a step towards international collaboration and economic development, the initiative raises concerns about privacy and possible intervention by the Chinese government.

Given the centralized nature of the government and its history of control over technology and information, some critics have raised concerns about the security and privacy of data stored on this blockchain platform.

Transparency and autonomy, fundamental pillars of blockchain technology, could be compromised if the Chinese government exerts influence over the management and operation of the platform.

Conflux Network leads China's ambitious ultra-large-scale blockchain infrastructure

Government involvement in a project like Conflux raises questions

Questions are raised about whether it can be used for political or surveillance purposes to genuinely promote cross-border cooperation and equitable exchange.

Although the blockchain initiative can offer potential benefits in terms of efficiency and transparency in the execution of international projects, it is crucial to address concerns about privacy and possible government influence to ensure that data and operations on the platform are protected and truly transparent and equitable for all parties involved.

While the “Ultra-Large Scale Blockchain Infrastructure Platform for the Belt and Road Initiative” represents a breakthrough in the adoption of blockchain technology for international cooperation, it is important to maintain critical scrutiny over its implementation and ensure that the principles of privacy, transparency and autonomy are safeguarded in its operation.


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