Comino Introduces Plug-and-play Miners to Cryptocurrency Mining

cumino mining cryptocurrencies plug and play
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Many who desire to mine cryptocurrencies are overwhelmed by the technical challenges involved. One company, Comino has built a miner with the aim of simplifying the mining process. The Comino miner is a plug-and-play device that eliminated the difficulties non techies may encounter in the bid to mine digital currencies.

The Comino co-founder and CEO, Evgeny Vlasov said that the company is the only one coupling complete devices with GPU cards inside. According to him, other competitors that have tried manufacturing such “complete devices” ended up with miners that are dusty and noisy. Those miners cannot be adapted for home use unlike the Comino miners.

comino mining in the cloud and hardware

Still speaking about features of the miner, Vlasov said that the company’s devices are so quiet in operation that they can be placed near beds or used as heaters during winter.

“Our products are completely plug-and-play — you just push one button and everything works: it mines cryptocurrency to your account. Our company creates everything for your wallets and infrastructure. Even if you know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies, everything will be working.” He said.

Vlasov said that Comino devices are made of high quality components manufactured in-house. He said that even though their miners have GPUs programmed with relevant software, the firm’s devices still come with one year warranty.

Ethereum and Zcash are among the easy to mine coins. That is why Comino devices are programmed to mine these two digital currencies. The company executive said that the reason their miners are focused on these two digital currencies is that they are among the most profitable. However, he said that users who need other coins can exchange them after mining.

Although the company said it is experimenting with other coins, the miners have no module that enables users switch from one coin to another.

Aside the GPUs and motherboards, all other components are manufactured by Comino. Plans have reached advanced stage to use customized GPUs and motherboards for the company’s miners. The reason is that the quality of components readily available from vendors is below the standard needed for premium miners that are designed to mine for many years.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to create a top-quality device that will keep working for a long time. Wires, connectors, capacitors, risers, power supplies, and everything else should be of top quality. Our components allow us to produce a device that will keep working for years without any problems. Other devices on the market that we investigated typically aren’t able to serve you for even a year.”

In an interview with Bitcoinist, Vlasov revealed that Comino devices are water cooled instead of air cooled. He argued that water has been proven to be a more effective coolant for miners than air. He added that aside manufacturing miners, that the company also offers cloud mining services.

He said, “We realize that not everyone wants to mine from home. Some people might prefer cloud mining or even colocation, where they buy the device and then just pay a fee for maintenance and electricity costs, but the device is kept at our facility. Colocation and cloud mining are particularly popular in areas where electricity costs are higher. In Europe, the price for electricity is about 20 Euro cents per one kilowatt.”


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