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CoinFast: marketing for ICOS and profitable investment

CoinFast was created to provide specific services to new companies or established companies, who wish to create their own ICO (initial coin offering) in a simple, safe and professional way to provide a complete, agency-based service with a comprehensive business focus.

In the first instance, the creators of CoinFast began their steps when they partnered with an eminent Turkish IT company called InteraktifGroup.

In view of the boom in marketing exploitation for the success of the projects, a new commercial partnership with digital marketing focused on TokenSuite for ICO projects was created, and CoinFast was subsequently conceived.

A business model with performance

The CoinFast team has one of the best profitability business models, because it was designed to provide investors or buyers with maximum income with little investment.

When a client makes an investment in CFS tokens – which is the native token of the CoinFast platform – the main benefit will be 50% of Coinfast. Profit sharing depends on the number of shares held by investors among the total of shares. The investor can start investing directly in lucrative investments by buying only CFS tokens and obtain 50% of the profits obtained per transaction of the CoinFast platform. The greater the investment, the greater the profit.

Investors who bet on CoinFast will receive their net profit promptly or monthly with a stable plan, while the CFS token holders will have a discount on the services, compared to the payment with other cryptographic or fiduciary currencies.


CoinFast is characterized by being a technological and innovative company, whose intention is to provide secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs, for this they have a specialized team made up of software developers, leaders with experience in combination of technologies, marketing professionals, account administrators and dedicated support teams, each willing to provide the best possible support and security experience.

Benefits of CoinFast

  • CoinFast offers its users full control over their funds, they (the users) are fully responsible if something happens because the platform has a very secure decentralized ICO payment gateway, even hackers could not hack the exchange and take the user funds.
  • CoinFast has affordable prices for its services, some of which are the lowest in the market.
  • Those interested can access this market with a minimum investment, choosing a high quality service that is always updated with the latest news in the world of ICO.
  • All transactions are made by users in blockchain and are not controlled by CoinFast or by third parties. It is totally safe and independent.
  • It also has a dashboard designed to make participation in an ICO as easy and pleasant as possible for its sponsors, to access them a registration is made through social networks and there you will find multilingual options and a guided process of purchase of tokens, this panel will provide an efficient and pleasant experience to achieve high conversions.
  • To make the investments even more accessible for all, the processing of credit card payments and bank transfers has been integrated into several fiduciary currencies (USD and EUR), at the same time that a wide range of leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, etc.)

To know more details about this platform and its token, we recommend checking its White Paper,as well as joining their Telegram channel to be updated.

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