CoinDCX Launches Blockchain Education Platform DCX Learn

CoinDCX Launches Blockchain Education Platform DCX Learn

CoinDCX launched an educational platform aimed at teaching regular users the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The Indian crypto exchange believes the public needs to learn about the new technology and scares from that lack of knowledge.

“According to an article in Bitcoinist, 38% of people in the UK do not understand cryptocurrency. In India, this number is over 98%. 98! People are reluctant to learn about it because it scares them, and it is complicated,” said CoinDCX in the announcement post.

Making Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Easy

Many people around the world don’t have any idea about the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain. So it is still tough to attract new users to the industry, whether as investors, developers, or just users. The educational resource for these technological topics is scarce, too. So any learning platform can help many people around the world understand and commit to the new community.

DCX Learn is the answer from the Indian cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, to the learning problem in the blockchain industry. Many guides, articles, online courses, interactive lectures, and other learning sources will be provided in the new platform. The teaching material is as simplified as possible to help all the people with all the expertise levels.

Everyone can sign-up to learn the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in DCX learn. Users can also participate in making educational content for others.

“We want DCX Learn to lay a strong foundation globally in breaking down the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrency,” said CoinDCX.

One of the most important goals of the DCX Learn platform is to teach people the fundamental security and safety concepts of the cryptocurrency world. Users will learn about the importance of private keys, the ways of choosing the best wallet, and, most importantly, how to stay away from scam ICOs.

Sumit Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of CoinDCX, said about the launch of DCX Learn,

“With the potential to accelerate financial inclusion in India, as well as opening gateways to new forms of investing, cryptocurrencies can benefit everyone. However, for Indians to take full advantage of crypto, we need to lay the groundwork through appropriate education.”

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