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Coinbase Earn and Stellar Foundation are Offering a total of 1 Billion XLM

Coinbase and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) have partnered up in the largest yet collaboration on Coinbase’s knowledge base Earn to reward users for teaching themselves about Stellar blockchain.

Coinbase acquired Earn.com for a reported $100 million. Earn.com allowed its users to perform micro-tasks and get paid in cryptocurrencies (hence the name). However, Coinbase rebranded the startup and changed its mission to help educate the public about cryptocurrency by incentivizing its users by rewarding their efforts to learn. As Coinbase has stated before, the platform “has the potential to expand the blockchain user base from the tens of millions of people with the resources to mine or buy crypto to the billions of people who now have smartphones.”

The new partnership between Coinbase Earn and SDF will see the foundation contribute 1 billion Stellar Lumens [XLM] tokens to users of the platform for watching Stellar videos. A single user will have the opportunity to earn a maximum of up to $50 worth of XLM tokens. Stellar posted a notification post on their website stating that,

“In conjunction with [Coinbase’s] team, we’ve created five videos that explain Stellar’s features and uses. As an educational incentive, we’ve committed 1 billion XLM to Earn, 100% of which will go to users.”

Coinbase and Stellar Development Foundation

Each video watched will earn the user $2 in XLM (a total of $10 for all 5 videos). In addition, a user will be able to refer their friends to earn XLM as well and will be allowed to earn a commission on their earnings, a maximum of $10 for each referral but will only be compensated for the first four referrals that qualify to participate and actually watch all 5 videos. That brings the total figure to $40 for referrals and $50 for both referrals and individual efforts to learn and earn.

Only Coinbase Earn users based in the United States will be able to participate in this exercise but Stellar is working on expanding the audience requirements. According to the notification, Stellar states that,

“We’ll start by rolling out to qualifying users in the US, and we will keep you posted as we expand this to more areas.”

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