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Coinbase creates a charity platform and will open a new office in Portland

Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase, has announced the creation of GiveCrypto, a platform dedicated to charity, which purpose is to distribute cryptocurrencies to people living in poverty.

“Our mission is to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally”, states de CEO of Coinbase.

In this project, funds will be raised through donations and will be distributed through cryptographic transfers to people in need. Currently, the following cryptocurrencies are accepted: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP and ZEC.

What is GiveCrypto.org?

This platform wants to help the most disadvantaged people, nowadays more than two billion people have a mobile phone, but many of them do not have access to basic financial services.

That is why from GiveCrypto wants to change this situation and help the maximum number of people to try to give them a financial autonomy.

The beneficiaries of these cryptographic donations will be able to use them to buy goods and services, exchange them for Fiat money or store them long term.

New Coinbase office in Portland

As they have indicated in their official Medium account, Coinbase continues with its expansion and will open a new office in Portland, Oregon.

Why has Coinbase chosen Portland?

“We explored a variety of different U.S. cities, and we were inspired by Portland’s incredibly talented, innovative open-source and blockchain communities. We also appreciate the city’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all, as it mirrors our values at Coinbase”, says Tina Bhatnagar (VP, Operations and Technology at Coinbase)

According to reports during the next upcoming weeks they will begin renovating offices that have been leased for 7 years.

Coinbase opens new office

Work at Coinbase

On the platform they are lookong for the incorporation of about 100 workers during this year and in the report they have added a web address so that those interested in the job offer can apply.

The company is looking for crypto enthusiasts who want to collaborate with the company and create a more equitable and open financial system for the world.

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