Coin98 Wallet now offers access to Squid’s cross-chain token router

Coin98 Wallet now offers access to Squid's cross-chain token router.
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The non-custodial, multi-chain wallet Coin98 Wallet has announced the integration of SQUID into its decentralized mobile wallet’s browser. The Squid router, powered by the Axelar Network, enables users to move cryptocurrency tokens across several blockchain networks.

The function, in addition to being accessible on iOS and Android mobile apps, can also be accessed on the desktop via the Coin98 Wallet browser extension, according to the official announcement on Twitter from Squid.

A more seamless experience for Coin98 Wallet users

This integration is expected to enhance the user experience of Coin98 Wallet’s users by providing them with more options for swapping tokens. The Squid router will enable users to access a wide range of tokens and blockchain networks, making it easier for them to manage their digital assets.

Coin98 Wallet now offers access to Squid's cross-chain token router.

Developers and users may swiftly explore new ecosystems thanks to Squid’s API and SDK, which permit swaps between any token type and enable numerous swaps and on-chain function calls to be linked together across a vast number of integrated chains.

Meanwhile, Coin98 has been making strides toward the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), providing users with various means and products to access the future of finance.

Coin98 Labs recently announced that Coin98 (C98), the ecosystem’s flagship coin, is extending to Polygon to provide more chances for users and holders to engage in DeFi explorations.

The company claimed in a blog post that by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like ZK encryption and transaction rollups, Polygon has proven its incredible performance and dependability as a platform to opt for. It noted,

“It [Polygon] has evolved into the go-to option for an increasing number of companies and development teams as an enterprise-ready blockchain platform with a mission to bring accessibility to mainstream use.”

According to Coin98 Labs, the C98 cryptocurrency is already available on Solana, Ethereum, and the BNB Smart Chain. It has also been listed on numerous significant centralized exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, and others, as well as several of the top DeFi protocols.

The price of the Coin98 (C98) cryptocurrency has increased slightly over the last 24 hours; as of press time, it is trading at $0.27 on CoinMarketCap, a gain of 4.53%. Nevertheless, it is still down roughly 68% from its peak of almost $5 in August 2021.


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