Coin98 Joins Hands with HackenProof to Maximize Security

Coin98 Joins Hands with HackenProof to Maximize Security
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Boosting the level of security in a crypto protocol has become an absolute necessity. The goal is to safeguard users’ assets, considering how cybercrime and Defi attacks have increased. Coin98 has recently joined hands with HackenProof, a renowned bug bounty platform, to boost the level of security in its ecosystem. Coin98 believes that building and maintaining customer loyalty amid market turbulence are important. Thus, these factors inevitably result in the gain of greater faith and trust. The firm strives to ensure that users understand why it’s necessary to prioritize greater levels of security.

Coin98 announced that it was looking forward to having HackenProof on board for the joint venture. Their venture would allow more than 30,000 Whitehat hackers to analyze the security of its sources. Moreover, a plan to launch a bounty program was also announced. The program would offer rewards up to a whopping 10,000 UDSC as well.

Coin98 has been working diligently to develop an infrastructure of Web3 with a vast option of DeFi products. Users are offered the ease of connecting seamlessly to the crypto world. Under no circumstances are the safety and security of the users compromised. Coin98 caters to the needs of millions of people throughout the globe and offers a variety of different services. These services include non-custodial, multi-chain NFT, crypto wallets, cross-chain Bridge, dApps browser, and countless others.

Coin98 Joins Hands with HackenProof to Maximize Security

Coin98 Highlights the Areas of Interest

Rewards would be handed out on the criteria defined in the rules and regulations. Any submission’s quality, creativity, and novelty may tamper with possible payouts. In cases of multiple reports about a similar issue, Coin98 would identify the earliest report. When talking about in-scope vulnerabilities for mobile and web, the firm prioritized identifying issues like payment manipulation, business logic issues, and many more.

The out-of-scope web vulnerabilities might not offer any rewards unless the loophole discovered poses an actual threat. Coin98 stated that issues like best practices concerns, denial of service, etc, do not correspond to the severity criteria. Critical vulnerabilities are likely to offer anything ranging from $5k-$10k. High vulnerabilities would range from $2k-$5k, $500-$1.5k in cases of medium vulnerabilities. Moreover, identifying low vulnerabilities would offer anything between $0 to $500.


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