Coca-Cola Floats Masterpiece NFT Collection on Base

Coca-Cola Floats Masterpiece NFT Collection on Base
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Coca-Cola has just introduced its latest venture on X, the captivating Masterpiece Non-fungible Token (NFT) collection, exclusively on the Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base platform. This innovative collection showcases a selection of iconic artworks, meticulously curated by emerging artists within the dynamic realm of Web3.0.

As per the release, unique Masterpieces like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch and “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, merge with works by emerging artists like Aket and Vikram Kushwah. These Masterpiece collections have now been transformed into on-chain collectibles, open to art enthusiasts participating in the Onchain Summer event.

Coca-Cola Aim at Empowering Artists

Meanwhile, the decision to collaborate with Coinbase’s Base, an emerging scaling solution, underscores Coca-Cola’s strategic approach to introducing its NFT collection to a global audience. By leveraging the platform’s reach and credibility, the Masterpiece collection is poised to capture the attention of collectors, art, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike

Coca-Cola Aim at Empowering Artists

However, what truly sets this collection apart is its focus on empowering up-and-coming artists. The Masterpiece NFT collection serves as a launchpad for these talented creators, providing them with a platform to showcase their works to a broader audience. Notably, Coca-Cola’s initiative not only acknowledges the significance of Web3 in shaping the future of art and culture but also champions the democratization of creativity.

Undoubtedly, each artwork within the collection is a testament to the fusion of artistic brilliance and technological innovation. Meanwhile, a France-based features artist, Aket said “Coca-Cola is a super generational marker” while trying to give his own opinion about the initiative. 

Additionally, Fatma Ramadan, an artist from Egypt said she is proud to be a part of Masterpiece because all of her works will be displayed.

Coca-Cola and Collaborate to Launch NFT Collection

As reported late last year, Coca-Cola and collaborated to launch an NFT collection based on the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The collection created with GMUNK, a popular digital artist, was based entirely on what people describe as ‘heat maps’.

Furthermore, the collection of these NFTs was available to all football fans around the world as soon as they sign up for the NFT platform. Fans only need to register on Coca-Cola’s fan zone page in order to win an NFT inspired by the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


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