Chinese Delivery Service Company Adopts Blockchain to Track Medical Goods Amid Coronavirus Crisis

SF Express is one of the leading delivery service companies in China. The Shenzhen-based company started using blockchain and big data technologies to track medical goods supply during the current coronavirus pandemic situation.

Companies around the world are trying to adopt the latest technologies to provide more efficient services in the current world-scale crisis. Coronavirus has caused a surge in demand for lots of products and especially medical goods around the world.

China, as the first country to face the pandemic, still dealing with the consequences of the epidemic, needs the most efficient services for the public. Blockchain is one of the best solutions for tracking the origin and the quality of the goods.

SF Express initially deploys blockchain technology to track the transportation of goods related to COVID-19. The new system will track all transactions in the logistic process and verify the origin of the goods. The company had started using blockchain for critical products in the medical and food segment.

Big data is another technology that will help SF Express track essential products in the current situation. The company uses big data to build a “trackable logistics network.” It means all the data provided by the supply chain and track records, will be analyzed to prioritize the delivery of the products, and also preventing low-quality goods from entering the market.

SF Express hopes to reduce the risks of delivery systems by using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). A secure and accurate delivery system in the current situation can be a big help for frontline medical workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Chinese tech giants have also used modern technologies to help their government and health organization fight the novel coronavirus. For example, retail giant Alibaba Group uses an AI-backed system to improve diagnosis accuracy. Huawei is another tech company that helps other countries as well. The telecommunication giant provides its AI CT scanning system to Philipinnes to help them improve efficiency in critical scans.