Celer Network Partnership with MakerDAO to Bring Dai Stablecoin to Celer’s Layer-2 Scaling Platform

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Through a strategic partnership with MakerDAO, Celer Network will make Dai stablecoins available on its layer two scaling platforms. Integration of Dai will unveil low-cost transactions.

However, the most significant benefit for users is Dai will help them avoid crypto volatility nature. Celer layer 2 network features give users the upper hand when it comes to trading. In particular, it’s interactive, secure, and low-cost blockchain application features guarantee users a frictionless experience.

Furthermore, integrating the above with Dai means users have a readily available coin to make instant micropayment. Moreover, through the direct use of Dai, users can play blockchain eSport games without having to pay any transactional fees. Similarly, new users without prior experience on the use of crypto-based applications can quickly learn how to use the applications together with the games.

Although users stand to gain more from Dai being made available on the Celer layer-2 platform, for Celer, they hope the integration will drive up adoption. Celer aims to drive up multiple use cases of stable tokens in the user’s day-to-day purchases, eSport gaming sector, and when making micropayments in live streaming services.

This is because Dai smart contract feature will come into play to help CelerX users avoid high price fluctuations on various other blockchain based assets. Apart from that, combining Dai’s stable value with CelerX instant transaction and low-cost feature means service providers and offline merchants can easily receive their payments in crypto.

While commenting on their new partnership Rune Christensen, Co-founder and CEO of MakerDAO said;-

“The integration of Dai into CelerX not only brings decentralized stability to the platform but also removes a huge barrier that has been a hindrance to the adoption of gaming applications in the blockchain space.”

On the other hand, Dr. Mo Dong, co-founder of Celer had this to say;-

“The big price changes in digital assets poses a huge barrier to everyday users to continuously use blockchain applications. However, since Dai is the only decentralized stable coin on the market right now, it provides the perfect solution.”

Alongside rolling out plans to complete integration of Dai, Celer is also putting up $10,000 up for giveaways to users who download its CelerX mobile application. The app comes with Celer layer 2 scaling SDK and API.


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