Cardano’s March 2024 Priorities Unveiled by Key Contributor

Cardano's March 2024 Priorities Unveiled by Key Contributor
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  • Cardano P2P Upgrade: The community is urged to update pools to the 8.7.3 full P2P version to fix a bug and enhance security, with 68% adoption among reporting SPOs.
  • Mithril Implementation: Adoption of the Mithril protocol is critical for protection against attacks, currently at 15% usage, aiming for 60% for optimal security.
  • SanchoNet Testing: The SanchoNet testnet needs more testing with its 23 DReps and 29 stake pools before the Chang HFC event, a significant milestone for Cardano.

Rick McCracken, a well-known Cardano contributor, has written an article that outlines three key goals for the ADA community in March 2024. Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, has also shared the article and expressed his support for these goals.

The article focuses on three important aspects that need attention from Cardano supporters and participants. The first one is to upgrade pools to the latest 8.7.3 full P2P version, which fixes a bug in the outbound governor and enhances the network’s security. This version has already been adopted by 68% of the reporting SPOs, but more are needed.

The second aspect is to implement Mithril, a protocol that strengthens Cardano’s protection against possible attacks. Currently, only 15% of the staked ADA are using this feature, which is far below the desired 60% for optimal network security.

The third aspect is to test SanchoNet, the testnet that will introduce innovative governance features for the Cardano blockchain. There are 23 DReps and 29 stake pools involved in the testnet, but more testing is required before the Chang HFC event in three months, which will mark a major milestone for Cardano.

The article by McCracken and the endorsement by Hoskinson show the importance of these goals and the dedication to improving Cardano’s infrastructure and resilience in the face of changing challenges.

Charles Hoskinson’s Perspective on Cardano’s ADA Value and Market Movements

Cardano's March 2024 Priorities Unveiled by Key Contributor

In related news, during a frank conversation with users on social media platform X, Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, shared his views on the price movements of ADA and Solana’s (SOL). He reacted to Solana’s rise above $140 and questioned its real value. He said, “Number goes up != good ecosystem or real network value.”

Hoskinson’s comment shows his focus on building a strong and lasting Cardano ecosystem rather than chasing short-term price gains. A user named Jeremy asked him if ADA could reach $1 again and set a new all-time high (ATH) in the current bull market.

Hoskinson did not answer this question, leaving the community curious about his opinion. At the time of writing, the Cardano price was $0.7322, down 0.50%, with a market cap of $26.19 billion. However, its 24-hour trading volume dropped by 23.80% to $777,840,336.


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