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Cardano Launches Ambassador Program, Opening Up More Opportunities for ADA

The Cardano community recently made an announcement on their platform stating the launch of the Cardano Ambassador Program. Recently the team made it public on their Twitter account.

These Ambassadors are people in the community who go above and beyond to provide not just regular, but also positive and consistent contributions to the project. These contributions may include helping translate the information on Cardano into other languages to improve mass adoption or arranging meet-ups in their local area.

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According to Cardano representatives, the Cardano Ambassador project is underway. The team calls out for more people to join the team of ambassadors. This program will enable the ADA team to recognize and make public their contributions.

The Cardano team identified four major roles that will pave way towards the platform’s growth. These roles include; Translators, Moderators, Content Creators and Meet-up organisers. The team promises to come up with more roles in the future. The company does not however tell whether they are going to offer any incentives for these nominees or it is just voluntary work.

According to the blog post, the Ambassador status will only be earned through ‘good work in the community.’ The post states clearly that; ‘’…the Ambassador status is earned through good work in the community and not something that is awarded by us or any other project members. We believe in decentralization, and that a strong community led by those who contribute the most is extremely important.’’

The team has provided nomination forms, which are to be filled by anyone who wishes to join the team. The form entails strong points that could be of good use to the community. Interested people can either nominate themselves or other people they might know.

The Cardano [ADA]

Ada is Cardano’s native cryptocurrency. The fact that the coin is integrated natively into Cardano’s settlement layer, makes ADA a very essential part of the Cardano platform. ADA is named after a 19th century mathematician and daughter of Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace.

ADA users experience relatively low transaction fees and top notch transparency. The coin is currently ranked at position 11 according to coin market cap, with a market capitalization of over $963 million dollars.

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