Cardano to Introduce Last-Minute Update in Hard Fork; Hoskinson Acknowledges Risks

Cardano to Introduce Last-Minute Update in Hard Fork; Hoskinson Acknowledges Risks
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  • Charles Hoskinson confirms integration of CIP-69 in the next Cardano hard fork.
  • Community and Cardano Foundation support the inclusion of CIP-69 in the Chang Hard Fork.
  • Changes are expected in the post-Chang roadmap construction process.

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has confirmed the integration of Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) 69 into the upcoming Chang Hard Fork.

This news was shared through a message on social networks, where the dialogue with IOI and Intersect delivery teams to evaluate the demand for CIP-69 stood out.

Both the community and the Cardano Foundation have been advocating for its inclusion in the upcoming Chang Hard Fork.

Despite concerns about possible delays due to last-minute changes, Hoskinson was optimistic about the smooth integration of CIP-69 into Chang.

He emphasized the need to be cautious with roadmap adjustments, recognizing the disruptive nature of such changes but expressing confidence in the development teams ability to manage the integration effectively.

The Chang Hard Fork, scheduled to occur in the second quarter of this year, marks a significant milestone on Cardano’s roadmap as it enters the “Voltaire” era of governance.

This phase is characterized by a movement towards decentralized governance structures, allowing the community to have a greater say in the development and financing of projects within the ecosystem.

Cardano to Introduce Last Minute Hard Fork Update; Hoskinson Recognizes Risks

Post-Chang Implications and Cardano Governance Changes

Following the Chang Hard Fork, a major revision in the roadmap construction process is anticipated, especially with the arrival of CIP-1694.

This change will act as a crucial component in reforming Cardano’s governance model by creating the governing bodies necessary for the constitution of the blockchain.

These changes are intended to prepare ADA for a phase of decentralized governance and represent a change in the way decisions are made within the blockchain ecosystem.

Hoskinson highlighted the need for a gradual transition in this transposition.

Not all decisions will be immediately controlled by community consensus; It is a process of implementing these new governance mechanisms.

The gradual approach prevents the community and developers from becoming overwhelmed in the new system, which is more complex than the current process.

The successful integration of CIP-69 into Chang and the post-Chang governance changes are important milestones for Cardano.

These movements reflect the platform’s constant evolution and commitment to transparent and participatory governance, key elements for its sustainable growth and the community‘s confidence in its future.


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