Cardano Foundation to Change Its Delegation Methodology

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Cardano Foundation published a post on the Cardano forum to discuss new changes in its delegation methodology. The change comes after there were some issues in the syncing process of Cardano’s Daedalus.

Cardano Foundation says the technical issues are somehow opportunities for the whole community and show an increased interest in the Cardano blockchain. The team now aims to change some delegation methodologies to prevent similar challenges in the future.

Increased Interest Causing Technical Challenges

Cardano blockchain is getting ready for some strategic upgrades. The upcoming changes have resulted in more interest in the blockchain. Cardano Foundation says upcoming hard forks bring many opportunities to the Cardano blockchain. One of the most important featutures will be supporting smart contracts and dApp development. The changes started with Mary hardfork that brought native tokens to the Cardano blockchain, and resulted in more transactions moving through the Cardano network.

According to the latest post from Cardano Foundation, the increase in the number of transactions on the blockchain resulted in technical difficulties. One of the most important consequences was a significant delay in the delegation cycle of the Cardano Foundation.

Now the foundation has decided to change the delegation methodology to solve the issues and prevent similar problems. The delay has brought the chance to Cardano Foundation to revies the methods and find optimal solutions for upcoming situations. The foundation can now work more on the requests of the community that has been posted before and implement more changes in the processes.

The most important change in the Cardano Foundation’s delegation methodology is about timing. The previous method took place over one month, and the foundation plans to shift that to three calendar months. According to the foundation’s post, the new method has some benefits, including:

“Issues with redelegation are more manageable, given that more time exists to anticipate and react to technical challenges. Small and medium stake pool operators who receive the delegation from the Cardano Foundation are supported for a longer period of time. Better alignment with developmental milestones and hard fork events to allow time to prepare and react to technical changes.”

The announcement post on the Cardano forum continues by showcasing other benefits of methodology change in the Cardano Foundation’s delegation. It ultimately says that the selection criteria and supporting pools’ sizes will stay the same after the change. Like many other announcements from Cardano Foundation, the discussion is open for the community members to give feedback about the new changes or even propose more changes to the methodology.

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