Cardano Announces the Launch of Marlowe, a Smart Contracts platform 

Cardano Announces the Launch of Marlowe, a Smart Contracts platform 
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Cardano builder, Input Output Global has recently announced that Marlowe is now available on the mainnet for testing and getting feedback. Marlow can be defined as a platform for offering financial products as smart contracts.

Marlowe allows developers to create and deploy smart contracts on the Cardano chain and is also currently available in pre-production as well as preview testing environments. As a result of the launch, Marlowe joins the ranks of the growing family of languages and tools available on Cardano and offers an all-in-one toolkit for creating, deploying, and monetizing contracts. 

Marlow was a part of more than 60 DeFi projects that had been scheduled to go live on the Cardano chain just last year. Similarly, IOG has also announced that the new upgrade has gone through vigorous internal and external audits by Tweag. The main purpose of doing so was to boost the levels of safety for contract use on the mainnet. It is expected that a full-fledged report will follow soon.

Unlike the traditional smart contract creation tools, Marlowe does not require programming skills to prototype and inject contracts into the market. As a result, the Web3 community and newcomers can find such an upgrade increasingly helpful. 

Cardano Welcomes Early Marlowe Adopters for Feedback 

Cardano announces the launch of Marlowe, a Smart Contracts platform

The audited application is available for early adopters for extensive testing and feedback. Similarly, the teams behind Marlowe openly invite developers to collaborate, mainly for feedback regarding usability, documentation, user experience, and much more.  

Marlowe added,

“This is just the beginning! We invite developers to collaborate for feedback on usability, documentation, user experience, and more. Share your insights via IOG ZenDesk in the link below, and let’s make Marlowe even more accessible together!”

The launch of Marlowe by Cardano has not seemed to affect the price of the native token, as Cardano (ADA) is still seen to be trading in the red. This is one of the rare times a significant development does not instigate a sense of excitement around a specific token. At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) has declined by 0.78% in the last 24 hours. The token is currently trading for $0.3777, and the market cap stands at the $13 billion mark. 

Cardano trading for $0.3777

Analysts believe that Marlowe might prove to be a game-changer for Cardano. A Cardano SPO, Rick McCracken, stated, 

“Marlowe is a domain-specific language designed for finance experts, with the intent for non-programmers to write financial smart contracts. I’m curious to hear feedback and see use cases from non-programmers/financial experts. This could be a game changer” 

It has come to light that Marlowe harnesses the power of Plutus, and is also fully compatible with Java and Haskell. Such a feature enables the upgrade to seamlessly integrate a series of smart contracts into dApps. Therefore, it is a new beginning for the Cardano ecosystem.


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