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Cannabis and blockchain: The Nuvus Protocol

The development that we are experiencing in blockchain platforms is going to have an important impact on the day to day in the coming months, especially when many of the projects that have been presented through ICOs and that are currently underway, are finally at 100%  full operability. One of those projects is the Nuvus Protocol, about which we will talk here.

As explained on their website, Nuvus Blockchain was formed to build a global ecosystem called “Global Exchange Platform” for data, verification of supply chains and global exchanges of services and products in the agricultural industry, especially cannabis, using technologies of distributive accounting and trust platforms.

The mission of Nuvus is to introduce a verification system in all supply chain and business transactions in the cannabis industry, providing producers, processors, distributors, retailers, doctors and users with total transparency in the supply chain, from the seed until the final distribution to the user. It is to provide verification of blockchain in each step. This will provide total transparency and auditability to all participants in the industry that is currently growing.

The ecosystem called Nuvus Protocol will be based on Blockchain’s private technology, consisting of permissions using IBM’s Hyperledger. With this system it will be ensured that compliance standards are met at each level of the cycle. The patients, doctors, researchers and regulators who want to make sure that the product that is bought is the correct one in every sense and is genuine will have in this system an important referent.

The Nuvus Protocol has its native utility token based on ERC20 called “Global Exchange Token (GET)“. In addition, the Global Exchange Token (GET) can also be leveraged for the flow of data processing, data collection and analysis, qualitative data collection, state and self-managed analytical data consisting of transaction information, patient feedback and input from the producer to encourage user behavior rewarding punctuality, quality or scope of communications, among others.

The integrated GET Protocol platforms can integrate the Global Exchange Token (GET) into their ecosystem. Users can obtain GET by performing incentivized actions specific to the platform (for example, requesting data, verifying data, integrating data, offering compiled data, etc.), and then using these tokens obtained to receive premium services on the platform.

The application will keep a small number of tokens as payment for the services provided and will assign the rest to the users who perform specific actions that add value to the platform, so the applications or companies that use the Nuvus Protocol can provide services that use Tokens of change global (GET).

Nuvus ICO will start on February 1st and last 60 days. The base price of each token will be 0.80 USD, or its equivalent in ETH or BTC.

To learn more about this project and its ICO, you can follow them on their Telegram channel.

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