Bybit Adds Hamster Kombat Token to its Premarket

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  • Hamster Kombat has attracted nearly 240 million players in three months, before its official launch, setting records and generating significant interest in the crypto market.
  • Bybit has enabled the pre-sale of the HMSTR token, with prices surging from $0.001 to $0.1, reaching maximum bids of up to $137 before its official launch.
  • They are preparing to officially launch their HMSTR token on The Open Network this month, with growth expectations and a planned airdrop.

Hamster Kombat has burst onto the scene, capturing attention ahead of its official launch. This innovative clicker game, hosted on the Telegram platform, has managed to attract nearly 240 million players in just three months, setting new growth records and generating unprecedented excitement in the crypto market.

The token associated with the game, known as HMSTR, has seen intense trading activity before its official debut. Bybit, one of the largest crypto exchanges, has enabled the pre-sale of HMSTR, allowing players to acquire tokens before they become available on other markets. This move has led to an exponential increase in the token’s price, starting from $0.001 and reaching $0.1 within hours, with maximum bids reaching as high as $137.

Hamster Kombat’s overwhelming success is based on its ability to attract a massive audience through unique interactive experiences within Telegram. Compared to established platforms like Instagram, Hamster Kombat has significantly surpassed user acquisition barriers.

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Hamster Kombat Could Revolutionize the Blockchain Gaming Industry

According to their roadmap, the official launch of the HMSTR token on The Open Network (TON) blockchain is scheduled for this month. A new wave of growth and opportunities for investors and players alike is expected. Additionally, the launch of an airdrop, a free token distribution based on game-generated revenue, is anticipated.

The team behind Hamster Kombat has expressed confidence in the game’s potential to become a leading platform in the global crypto gaming market. With the support of a growing and enthusiastic community, they are poised to make a significant impact in the digital gaming and cryptocurrency market, positioning themselves as an emerging leader.


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