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BrikBit: social network and real estate in Blockchain

One of the most notable applications that tokenization is having is the one that real estate platforms like BrikBit are doing. This time we will review the BrikBit proposal and its scope.

The real estate industry also makes use of the blockchain to automate, disintermediate and make more transparent and simple the immersed processes of construction, improvement, sale and purchase of properties, under this premise was born BrikBit, the first blockchain ecosystem responsible for developing and managing full operations in the aforementioned industry.

BrikBit offers its shareholders the real possibility of participating in real estate projects through blockchain technology, as well as allowing them to know the typical and implicit processes linked to a real estate company, such as fundraising, campaign design and Management.

This innovative platform allows each project to create its own blockchain (like a side chain of BrikBit) with its characteristics and rules, this under the regulations and legislations of each country in real estate matters.

Brikbit adapts the industry to new technologies

Within the BrikBit platform is what they call REDA (digital real estate asset), which is basically the digital objectives represented in the real estate development. Thanks to its value and characteristics, new management openings and accurate opportunities can be created in order to obtain more and better benefits for all participants in this industry.

Including a blockchain to the real estate sector as BrikBit has done is an innovative step and guarantees its customers a safe, univocal, flexible and efficient ecosystem. In fact, BrikBit is the first real estate application on the Lisk platform, this allows interested parties to develop Dapps with their side chains through JavaScript, since it has a more extended programming language.

Among the main projects of BrikBit is the development and dissemination of blockchain technology to the real estate community. Dozens of investors and main actors in the real estate sector have shown interest in entering the world of block chains, but little or no experience has been an inconvenience for companies to join and adapt to the new technology.


BrikBit Social Professional Network

BrikBit Social Professional Network will work within the ecosystem as a virtual square and meeting point for the entire RealEstate community, so they can take their first steps in the blockchain world. The service includes a social network where investors, designers, industry operators and owners can create profiles and connections among themselves, all this through the respective web application oriented to real estate businesses.

With this network, we will build a community of professionals involved in the real estate sector. They also want to encourage real estate agents to be active in the BrikBit development process, providing them with continuous feedback on the ideal structure of REDA and REDApps.

The native currency to be used by the platform will be BRIK, with it users will have access to the digital services provided by the innovative BrikBit platform, as well as to implement REDApps, REDApps and dedicated intelligent contracts.

The BRIK will also serve to pay the necessary transaction fees in the exchange of information and all kinds of arrangements. This utility currency will be an important reference in the BrikBit block chain, and will definitely turn around what we know of the real estate market up to now.

To know more details about this platform and its token, we recommend checking its  White Paper,, as well as joining at their Telegram channel to be updated.

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