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Brave a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Internet Browser Launches Tipping Service on Twitter

After taking their new tipping service through a test mode, blockchain-based decentralized browser platform Brave has finally unveiled its service for public use. Now through its native Basic Attention Token (BAT), Twitter users can reward content creators on the platform. The new tipping service also comes with additional features. The tipping service feature went live after undergoing testing and development on Brave Nightly since May.

To activate the tipping features, users have to install the in-browser feature Brave Reward. The latter is only available to users who use Brave desktop browser when accessing Twitter. Activation of the in-browser feature will unveil the tipping button, which translates to the users having tipping powers.

How Brave Tipping Service Works

Before one tipping any content creator, the users must have BATs. For that, users have two options either buy BATs or earn them by viewing privacy-preserved Brave Ads via Brave Rewards. For storage proposes, Brave has put in place a Brave Reward wallet. Armed with the BATs, one has the means and tip tokens to reward content creators.

activate the tipping feature

However, before content creators can receive their rewards, they must have been verified by Brave via Brave’s creator program. The latter ensures your rewards as a content creator reach you without any hassles, but that’s not all. If any content creator hasn’t been verified, their tips will be in holding until their accounts get verified within 90 days. However, if not, the rewards are reversed to the sender’s Brave wallet. For those who have their content account verified, their tips get credited into their accounts within minutes.

In addition to all the above, Brave is also unveiling additional features for users. Users have the liberty of informing content creators about their tip. Similarly, there is a recurrent tipping feature available to send rewards to creators monthly. For all tips, creators get paid in the first week of every month. Apart from Twitter, the tipping feature is also available on YouTube and Twitch but Brave is working to make it available in Vimeo, GitHub, and Reddit.

To usher its Twitter tipping feature into public use, Brave has 100,000 BAT grants set aside for users in regions which don’t have Brave Ads.

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