BONSAI, the Latest SushiSwap Proposal for Building on Solana and Serum

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The latest proposal on the SushiSwap forum focuses on building out SushiSwap on Solana and Serum. The proposer, handroll, calls this proposal BONSAI. The proposal talks about future opportunities for SushiSwap to use alternative blockchains that Ethereum and increase the speed of growth for the DeFi platform.

It details the step for further collaborations with Solana and Serum. Only the members of admins, moderators, staff, and trust_level_0 to 4 groups can vote for/against the latest proposal on SushiSwap.

Considering New Opportunities for Growth

DeFi platforms have shown their growth and adoption capacity in the past months. Many of them were successful in attracting regular and expert users. Investors and normal users tapped into these new financial service platforms to benefit from fully decentralized services.

SushiSwap was one of the most successful ones regarding growth and adoption speed. The platform leveraged Ethereum blockchain to offer financial services.


Now its community is looking for new ways to grow the services and find new users. The latest proposal on SushiSwap focuses on building the platform on Solana and Serum.

If the latest proposal on SushiSwap receives the needed votes to start, building SushiSwap on Serum and Solana will start initially on a bridge. Raydium will be the bridge for the platform toward two new blockchain networks. Building and AMM on Raydium will be the first step in the process. The team behind SushiSwap has been studying this AMM protocol and believes Raydium is an excellent option for the new plans.

SushiSwap’s partnership with Raydium means a lot for the community to expand. It reaches the growing community of Solana and Serum. Besides, additional liquidity from Serum will be available for the SushiSwap community. Regarding Solana, it will make faster transactions possible for SushiSwap.

The latest proposal for on SushiSwap talks about the potential benefits that partnership with Solana and Serum will bring for the community. One of the biggest ones is a grant from EcoSerum. According to the proposal:

“If the SushiSwap community and Raydium successfully come together to build out support for SushiSwap on Serum, the community would be eligible to receive a generous grant 8 from EcoSerum, a Serum node supporting the development of the ecosystem.”

Collaboration with Serum brings lots of opportunities for Sushi community members. They can participate with Serum and run a node, receive yield, and benefit from reduced fees for Makers and Takers in the platform.

The proposal details the development and participation process in a timeline that expands to Q3, 2021. If it receives the required votes, we can expect SushiSwap services and community to grow fast in 2021.

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