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Blocksize Capital is The Newest Chainlink Node Operator Live on The Mainnet

Blocksize Capital is The Newest Chainlink Node Operator Live on The Mainnet

Blocksize Capital announced participation in the Chainlink‘s mainnet as the node operator. The company wants to provide reliable data feeds to smart contracts connected to Chainlink.

“@blocksizecap is live on mainnet as a new Chainlink Node Operator, further decentralizing the Chainlink network. They bring experience as a technology provider, hosting nodes for NASDAQ listed companies & running high-volume crypto-trading infrastructure,” tweeted Chainlink.

More Reliable Data For Smart Contracts

Chainlink is one of the biggest oracle providers in the blockchain industry. It helps smart contracts and DeFi access to on-chain and off-chain in a decentralized system. Node operators play a vital role in Chainlink’s system. As a DLT-focused software provider, Blocksize Capital now joins the node operators on Chainlink to provide aggregated data to smart contract developers.

Blocksize Capital is a technology provider for multiple teams and companies, hosting nodes for NASDAQ listed companies, Corda, and many others. It has a 24/7 online team to maintain the infrastructure of aggregated data.

“Blocksize Capital has the ultimate goal of mastering the pulse of the markets and the challenges of the ever-evolving digital world while promoting financial inclusion. Hence, we also provide custom-tailored software solutions based on digital assets to further develop the Open Finance ideal,” according to the blog post by Blocksize Capital.

One of the main reasons Blockcsize Chose and joined Chainlink’s channel is the decentralized infrastructure. They believe this system can help solve the so-called oracle problem. They plan to offer direct access to their data feeds through Chainlink in the future. As a result, smart contracts and DeFi can choose to only get data from Blocksize Capital.

Chainlink’s decentralized nature had been one of the most significant forces in the success of this platform recently. Many developers trust the price data feed from Chainlink, just because of this decentralized infrastructure. Connor Payne, Head of Decentralized Finance at Blocksize Capital, said,

“It is without a doubt that decentralized oracles are integral to the success of the DeFi ecosystem. Chainlink has proved itself to be the most established and reliable option for ensuring that smart contracts obtain secure, accurate, and reliable off-chain data. At Blocksize Capital, we are very pleased to participate as a node operator and in the future as a data provider”.

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