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Blockchain would have list incorporation of Bitcoin Cash

Blockchain, the leading platform with more than 16 million active users, officially announced its plan to integrate support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users within the next seven weeks. In less than three months, bitcoin users who had that digital coin stored on the Blockchain portfolio platform will be able to access their BCH.

The decision of the Blockchain development team to deploy its BCH portfolio in the coming weeks was praised as a corporate move responsible for bitcoin users and industry analysts. Because Blockchain is a non-custodial platform, platform users have absolute control over their private keys. Therefore, when the BCH hairpin was successfully executed on August 1, the BCH was automatically credited to users of Blockchain and other non-custodial bitcoin portfolio platforms.

Blockchain does not have to provide support for BCH since users can credit themselves with the digital currency using their private keys. His decision to integrate the BCH demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing efficient services to its customer base.

Blockchain’s decision comes after a turn made by Coinbase in early August. The bitcoin exchange initially did not want to offer Bitcoin Cash to its customers. After a backlash, Coinbase agreed to distribute Bitcoin Cash to its users on January 1, 2018.

More importantly, like other popular portfolios, Blockchain has received a large number of requests from users regarding BCH support. The integration of BlockCHain’s BCH support will be similar to Trezor, in that the team will create a separate portfolio platform for BCH users.

Blockchain is taking the approach pointed out by Trezor on his reflective blog, taking enough time to analyze and evaluate the BCH code base before finalizing and launching his BCH wallet application and thus saving major drawbacks.

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