Block: Founder of Twitter’s New Company to Buy Bitcoin Every Month

Block: Founder of Twitter’s New Company to Buy Bitcoin Every Month
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  • Jack Dorsey reveals that Block is systematically buying Bitcoin every month.
  • Block has adopted an investment strategy based on Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
  • The strategy seeks to minimize risks and maximize long-term investment in Bitcoin.

Since Jack Dorsey left Twitter to focus on Bitcoin through his financial company Block, he has been implementing a solid and systematic investment strategy in the leading cryptocurrency.

The recent revelation that Block is buying Bitcoin on a regular basis each month has generated interest in the financial and crypto community.

Block‘s strategy is based on the concept of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), which involves purchasing a fixed amount of an asset at regular intervals, regardless of its market price.

This allows  the company to reduce exposure to Bitcoin price volatility while accumulating a digital asset in a consistent and disciplined manner.

Block‘s Bitcoin purchasing history shows strategic and prudent planning.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, they acquired significant amounts of Bitcoin at varying prices, allowing them to accumulate a total of 8,038 BTC on their balance sheet at the end of March 2024.

This investment represents around 9% of the total corporate liquidity.

Block: Twitter Founder's New Company Will Buy Bitcoin Every Month

Block Investment Strategy Optimization

Block‘s adoption of the DCA strategy not only seeks to minimize the risks associated with Bitcoin market volatility, but also optimize its long-term investment position.

By investing regularly and consistently, they can take advantage of both the peaks and troughs in the price of Bitcoin, thus maximizing their potential return on the digital asset.

In addition to its focus on investing in BTC, the company has also dedicated significant resources to the security and custody of its digital assets.

This attention to security is crucial in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, where private key protection and loss prevention are key priorities for any company or investor.

Block‘s Bitcoin investment strategy represents a calculated and responsible approach towards a digital asset that continues to gain attention and interest in global financial markets.

Their commitment to transparency, security and corporate responsibility highlights the maturity and seriousness with which they approach the cryptocurrency space, setting an example for other companies and market players interested in this exciting but complex financial sector.


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