Blast L2 Delays its Long-Awaited Airdrop: New Launching Date Announced

Blast L2 Delays its Long-Awaited Airdrop: New Launching Date Announced
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  • Blast L2 Airdrop Postponed: The anticipated BLAST token airdrop by Ethereum layer-2 solution Blast has been delayed from May to June 26, with an increased distribution share to compensate for the wait.
  • Token Distribution Strategy: Half of the BLAST tokens will be allocated to developers as Blast Gold points to encourage dApp innovation on the network, while the other half rewards early adopters who moved over $2.3 billion in assets.
  • Strong Growth and Community Support: Despite the airdrop delay, Blast has secured over $1.517 billion in TVL after a $20 million investment, indicating solid investor and community backing, with the rescheduled airdrop expected to drive further user engagement.

Blast L2, the groundbreaking Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, has stirred the crypto community with its latest announcement. The much-anticipated BLAST token airdrop, initially scheduled for May, has been officially postponed to June 26. 

This news comes directly from Blast’s social media channels, where the team also disclosed an increase in the airdrop’s distribution share as a gesture of goodwill for the delay.

Founded by Tieshun Roquerre, the visionary behind the NFT marketplace Blur, Blast has been at the forefront of innovation within the cryptocurrency sector. The platform’s decision to enhance the airdrop allocation has been met with enthusiasm, signaling strong community support despite the postponement.

The airdrop event is set to distribute BLAST tokens to the network’s most active contributors. In a strategic move to foster growth and development, half of the total token supply will be allocated to developers through Blast Gold points. 

These points are awarded to the creative minds behind decentralized applications (dApps) on the Blast network, incentivizing further innovation and ecosystem expansion.

Blast L2’s Investment and TVL Growth

Blast L2 Delays its Long-Awaited Airdrop: New Launching Date Announced

The other half of the tokens is earmarked for the early adopters of the network, particularly those who transferred funds before the mainnet launch at the end of February. These pioneering users have collectively moved over $2.3 billion in cryptocurrency assets, all in anticipation of securing a share of the airdrop.

Moreover, Blast has launched its third Blast Gold Points distribution event, allocating 15 million points across various dApps on the platform. These points, akin to airdrop credits, are specifically designed to motivate dApp developers, ensuring sustained growth and active user engagement.

Blast’s journey began in November with an early access release, following a significant $20 million investment from industry giants Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and others. The platform’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has since skyrocketed to over $1.517 billion, according to DeFiLlama, underscoring its rapid ascent and the robust backing from both the community and investors.

Despite the rescheduling, the upcoming BLAST token airdrop is poised to enrich token holders and lay the foundation for ongoing, incentive-driven user participation. 

With this strategic move, Blast not only reaffirms its commitment to its supporters but also brightens the prospects for its burgeoning community. The future, it seems, is luminous for Blast and its dedicated followers.


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