Bittrex Global Announces Closing of Operations: What Users Should Know

Bittrex Global
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In an unfortunate turn of events, Bittrex Global, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its decision to close its operations.

This determination, effective December 4, 2023, marks the end of all commercial activities on the platform. Customers are urged to take immediate action and complete all necessary transactions before this deadline, as after this day, only withdrawals will be allowed.

The company assures its users that all funds, Stablecoins and tokens on the platform remain safe. However, they emphasize the need for users to withdraw their assets in compliance with applicable laws and the platform’s Terms of Service.

Bittrex Global has reiterated its commitment to facilitating an orderly and transparent termination process during this challenging period.

A significant aspect concerns USD balances on the Bittrex platform

Customers are informed that direct withdrawals in USD will not be possible. To withdraw the associated funds, users must convert their USD balances to Euros or cryptocurrencies before the specified deadline of December 4.

Amid the closure announcement, several key aspects require attention. The referral program has been terminated, and rewards obtained in operations until November 19, 2023, will be paid soon.

Closing of Bittrex Global - Guide for Users Given the Suspension of Operations

Additionally, all promotions have ceased, and transactions are subject to Bittrex Global’s standard fee schedule.

The company has issued a strong warning about making new deposits on the platform. They cannot guarantee the secure receipt of these funds, and any attempted transfer could result in permanent loss.

While no specific deadline has been set for withdrawals after the suspension of trading, users are urged to initiate withdrawals quickly. There is a possibility that liquidators will set a deadline for withdrawals in the future.

During this transition phase, the customer support team remains available to address any questions or concerns. Users are encouraged to reach out through the designated support ticket system for assistance.

The closure of Bittrex Global underlines the importance of users acting quickly, ensuring the withdrawal of their assets by complying with the guidelines provided.

The company assures customers that data protection measures will be maintained in accordance with its privacy policy, offering peace of mind to those with concerns about their personal information.


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