BitHarp to Revolutionize the Mining Sector with Its New Crypto Mining Rigs

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As a veteran company that has been present in the mining sector for some time, BitHarp had enough time to learn from the industry. Now, through its years of experience, BitHarp has provided miners with two new crypto mining platforms: Lyre Miner and Harp Miner.

The new mining platforms are intended to revolutionize the way mining is done by reducing energy consumption.

At the moment, other mining platforms on the market require users to have a certain level of experience to operate the hardware. However, in the case of BitHarp, anyone can use the new mining platforms.

The profitability in cryptocurrency mining depends largely on hash rates and energy consumption, as such, having a mining platform that consumes less energy means that your profit margins will increase.


For BitHarp, its mining platforms consume 600W for the Lyre Miner and 2400W for the Harp Miner. This is much lower than what other mining platforms consume in the market.

According to the press release, when Harp Miner is used to mine Dash, the mining platform generates 50 TH/s, and for Ethereum 75 GH/s. However, for Litecoin and Bitcoin, the power achieved is 300GH/s and 2000 TH/s respectively.

On the other hand, for the Lyre mining platform, in Dash it offers 9 TH/s, while for Ethereum, it generates 14 GH/s. For those who mine Litecoin and Bitcoin, if you use the Lyre crypto mining platform, it will generate 55 TH/s and 335 TH/s respectively.

BitHarp targets new users and allows them to launch their mining projects quickly. By reducing energy consumption and incorporating user-friendly features, anyone can start a crypto mining project.

“Through our two preconfigured cryptocurrency mining equipment, we are opening the mining industry and giving everyone the opportunity to launch projects easily. At BitHarp, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to start mining cryptocurrencies and we have done so with the mining platforms Lyre and Harp “. Daniel Cox, Director of Engineering of BitHarp.


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