Bitfinex Terminal Real-Time Market Data Feed Now Available on Dazaar

Bitfinex Terminal Real-Time Market Data Feed Now Available on Dazaar
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Bitfinex launched Bitfinex Terminal on Dazaar. The new platform provides real-time market data to users. Those traders who look for historical data about assets can access Bitfinex Terminal that [rovides useful data for their algorithmic trading strategies.

Real-time market data feed helps traders design their strategies based on reliable data. This kind of strategic trading needs testing ideas and predictions. Using Dazaar as the central platform, Bitfinex Terminal lets users design and share their trading strategies.

“Bitfinex Terminal allows users to backtest trading ideas and execute trading strategies. Users can also sync and share trading data and trading signals, utilizing Dazaar’s highly scalable, peer-to-peer (P2P) network. These streaming data feeds can be cryptographically verified,” according to the Bitfinex blog post.

Bitfinex Terminal is free and accessible through GitHub. Bitfines provides the needed instruction to run the platform. Regular users can access the platform in the advanced feature tab in their Bitfinex account. You have to download and install Dazaar first to access the terminal.

Providing real-time and historical data to cryptocurrency traders is a big step toward making the trading more manageable. Bitfinex introduced Dazaar in June 2020 that offers the needed infrastructure for P2P data streaming.

Data, the new gold of the 21st century, creates many opportunities for regular and power users. They can share their data and even earn money from that. Bitfinex Terminal is one of the first and most significant services built on Dazaar that showcases the system’s useful features.

Each protocol that is designed to provide a data marketplace needs the best security and privacy features. Dazaar claims on a new generation system for security and privacy. The system tries to offer the easiest way for users to buy and sell data.

“The creators of Dazaar also understand how important it is for users to monetize their data without intermediaries, and that’s why Dazaar integrates a layer to enable time-based micro-payments via any (crypto) currency. The interaction will be purely between “sellers” and “buyers,” according to Bitfinex.

Bitfinex Terminal can help Dazaar attract more enterprise users. Exchanges like Bitfinex have big data stacks that can provide it as free to grow their trading community.

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