Bitfinex 15.5 Released With WebSocket Performance Optimizations and Improved Santiment Data

Bitfinex Published New Honey Framework UI v3.1.1

Bitfinex upgraded its trading platform and Pulse social service with the release of version 15.5. The new version includes some improvements to the services and also bug fixes like any other software upgrade.

“With a more powerful Bitfinex Pulse and an improved Santiment data selector performance, the latest platform update will take your trading experience to the next level,” tweeted Bitfinex.

Changelog for Bitfinex 15.5

Bitfinex publishes details about all the UI and performance upgrades of its platform in a periodical changelog. The new version 15.5 consists of some improvements and bug fixes for both the general platform and the Pulse social media service that Bitfinex launched recently.


The most significant improvement in general for Bitfinex includes optimization for the performance of the general WebSocket. Some other ones are the addition of new available languages in the platform and performance improvement in the Santiment data selector. Besides, the withdrawal for currencies with no balance will be disabled from the new version.

Bitfinex Pulse, the new social network from Bitfinex focused on traders, experienced some improvements, too. Some of them are as follows -according to Bitfinex changelog:

  • New validation errors handling
  • Page meta titles
  • Addition of cash tags support
  • Addition of Follow User functionality
  • Addition of Notifications functionality
  • Addition of Pie Chart widget for wallet composition
  • Addition of Drag and Drop Image functionality

Bug fixes are crucial parts of any software update. They often happen in platforms, and some of them cause security risks that need attention seriously. The new upgrade in the Bitfinex platform includes some bug fixes, too. The repairs vary from UX to deposit and withdrawal processes and even the messaging system. Some of them are as follows:

  • Invalid currencies on URL are now correctly handled
  • Fixed issue of changing ticker list order from the /interface page not working
  • Fixed information messages for deposits and withdrawals
  • Close modals on-page navigation
  • Fixed cropped Bitcoin Dominance (BTCDOM) label
  • Reset chart interval to default on chart reset button click
  • Fixed scrolling issue on search query change