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Bitcoin transactions are correlated with the laws of nature

The advent of things brought about by the creation and operation of Bitcoin has undoubtedly been a revolution that, despite its rapid evolution, is only beginning to be valued and understood. Bitcoin generated a new asset class since its inception in 2009, and today that virtual currency has reached a very high level of estimation, and that certainly was underestimated. This interesting trend, which has marked a milestone in terms of asset valuation, has opened a gap to initiate research studies on the subject, which address various aspects. In this sense, in April 2018, an analysis revealed that there is a close resemblance between Bitcoin transactions and the structure of the swirling liquid found in nature.

According to this study that was conducted at Stanford University, in principle it deals with the quality of these discoveries and how they would help facilitate techniques in the development of drugs and even explain a new theory for the universe. Awesome, right? A student named William Gilpin published the findings and in a paper explains how swirled liquids follow the same principles as transactions in Bitcoin. And there is the correlation of everything.

The transactions in the Blockchain are valued using a sequence called Cryptographic Hash and according to Gilpin, these Hash functions act by mathematically changing the digital information stored in a cryptographic output key. On the other hand, he explains that the main rules that govern swirling liquids proceed in the same way, making this something very striking.

Bitcoin transactions and the structure of the swirling liquid

The study indicates that the fundamental factor of digital communication in terms of Bitcoin transactions is the hash, in which any document is mathematically converted into a single signature that would be used to recognize each piece of true data. They explain that it is this aspect that is visualized in the chaotic behavior of certain types of fluids observed when they are mixed. So the organization of the information and the alteration of a fluid is used to build a “Hash” function based on fluids with properties comparable to typical algorithms. Subsequently, Gilpin stated that the equations in the mixture of a fluid and a hash function had certain similarities.

This discovery could be useful because it can develop new ways and new methods to protect the information, and it would also be used for the development of medicines that require several fluid mixtures, starting from the understanding of their behavior, as in the case of transactions of bitcoin.

Finally, Gilpin states that the study shows that cryptographic calculations seem to be part of a universal law, since they appear in nature. Everything in nature works according to precise patterns, and these patterns can be found in correlation with cryptographic calculations, and in particular as the study showed, in relation to fluid mixtures.

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