Bitcoin Ordinals Team Launches Non-Profit for Protocol Development

Bitcoin Ordinals Team Launches Non-Profit for Protocol Development
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The pioneering minds behind the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol have unveiled their latest venture: the Open Ordinals Institute. This newly established non-profit organization is on a mission to supercharge the development of the Ordinals protocol, a revolutionary technology that enables the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the Bitcoin blockchain.

This effort corresponds with the protocol’s most recent milestone—the total number of inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain has recently topped 21 million.

Conceived earlier this year by developer Casey Rodarmor, the Ordinals protocol has swiftly carved out a niche for itself as a hub of ingenuity within the ecosystem of the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This protocol empowers individuals to assign diverse data, be it art, profile pictures, or interactive games, to a single satoshi—a unit equivalent to 1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Ordinals Team Unveils the Open Ordinals Institute

Based in California, the newly launched non-profit entity, known as the Open Ordinals Institute, stands as a bastion for the protocol’s development. By channeling resources to its core group of developers, including the lead maintainer named Raph, this institute is akin to the foundations of other prominent crypto projects.

The project’s website explains that the Open Ordinals Institute has dedicated itself to assisting developers participating in the protocol as well as those developing user-friendly tools that enable less technically skilled people to create Bitcoin Digital Artifacts.


Furthermore, it states that,

“In addition to developers, we aim to fund designers, reviewers, researchers, educators, and others who contribute to the enhancement and promotion of this novel technology.”

Meanwhile, enthusiasts have been showing up to send BTC to the donation-receiving address. At the time of publication, the address contained 2.23361093 BTC, which is currently worth approximately $66,000.

This pivot in bitcoin Ordinals’ trajectory arrives on the heels of Casey Rodarmor’s decision to step back in May. Citing the insufficiency of attention he could give Ordinals, he receded from the forefront. Nevertheless, Rodarmor remains active, with his latest contributions as recent as June 19 on the project’s GitHub repository.

The pathway ahead, illuminated by the unveiling of the Open Ordinals Institute, opens doors to fresh dimensions in Bitcoin Ordinals’ odyssey. As creators, contributors, and enthusiasts collectively breathe life into this protocol, the prospect of Bitcoin’s landscape evolving through inscriptions is beckoning, awaiting pioneers to leave their respective marks.


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