Bitcoin Miners in Texas Shut Down Operations Amid Extreme Heat Wave

Bitcoin Miners in Texas Shut Down Operations Amid Extreme Heat Wave
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Bitcoin miners in Texas, including Argo and Riot, have opted to switch off their rigs because of non-supportive weather conditions. As per the weather forecast, the region is expecting severe temperatures in the coming days. The temperature in some parts of the State might even soar past 40 degrees (Celsius). Therefore, these firms believe that such high energy consumption might not be a good idea at this time.

The President of the Texas Blockchain Association, Lee Bratcher has stated that every leading Bitcoin miner in the state has shut off their machinery. Many weather experts have predicted a hot summer week in the region. Texas is home to a few renowned and large-scale Bitcoin mining companies. These mainly include Riot Blockchain and Argo Blockchain.

Mining-Friendly Stance of Texas

Texas is among those US States that have a rather relaxed stance over crypto mining. Moreover, the State also has low electricity prices that attract more and more miners. Mining firms utilize complex supercomputers that work on high energy to mine Bitcoin. However, such operations can cause problems amid the scorching heat wave.

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Miners anticipate a disturbance in the grid of the State if they continue to operate their mining machinery. It could result in an unstable electricity supply to the locals. Moreover, Bratcher told that around 1,000 MW of load was turned off by mining companies in Texas. This would eventually conserve a large portion of the State’s energy network.

Texas has recorded a sharp increase in its data for energy usage. The State’s energy consumption hit a peak of 78,206 MW last week. However, the temperature was around 37 at that time. But in the coming week, the temperature is expected to move past 40 which could lead to an increased demand for electricity. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) examines the energy usage of local Bitcoin miners. It also suggests that these miners have to switch off their rigs in such weather conditions.

As weather conditions continue to deteriorate all around the globe, it is causing problems for Bitcoin miners. Another US State, Montana is also experiencing a severe increase in temperature. The State’s popular Bitcoin mining firm, Marathon Digital slashed its operations by 75%. Also, the mining firm revealed plans of relocating to a cooler region. As the US continues to become the key stakeholder in the Bitcoin mining industry after China’s mining ban, such climatic changes are a point of concern for Bitcoin miners.


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