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Bitcoin [BTC] – Swiss Dolder Grand Hotel to Accept Bitcoin Starting in May

Adoption for the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues as a five-star hotel in Switzerland reveals plans to accept cryptocurrency. The Dolder Grand Hotel, a 120-year-old hotel has revealed that in conjunction with its technology partner the Inacta AG – Zug-based FinTech, it will enable payments for hotel services in Bitcoin starting in May 1st, 2019.

The news was actually shared with the media by Inacta AG. Services that will be offered for payments through Bitcoin include food and beverages, spa and swimming pool, and accommodation, basically, most of the hotel services and products will be available for payment through bitcoin.

According to Inacta’s announcement, payments made through Bitcoin will be automatically converted into Swiss francs through Inacta AG’s mobile application interface Inapay. This process will effectively allow The Dolder Grand to accept payments in Bitcoin without having to handle the Bitcoin itself, similar to what most establishments have opted to previously.

André Meier, the hotel’s finance director said in a statement to the press that,

“Many of the improvements in our service in recent years were made possible by advances in technology. As we believe Bitcoin is here to stay, it only seems natural to offer more choices in the payment process.”

Bitcoin [BTC] – Swiss Dolder Grand Hotel to Accept BTC
Source https://www.thedoldergrand.com

The Dolder Grand Hotel had previously rolled out the Bitcoin payment in a pilot with a select group of clients as part of its partnership with Inacta AG.

In other news, the Swiss stock exchange SIX this week added another exchange-traded product (ETP) and this time it was for the third largest cryptocurrency in market cap XRP. The ETP was launched in collaboration with Amun AG similar to other ETP offerings that SIX has already listed for trade in its platform. It already offers Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs with ticker symbols ABTC and AETH (with the ‘A’ representing Amun). Following this system, XRP’s ETP has also been given the ticker symbol AXRP.

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