Bitcoin [BTC] surpasses Tesla or Netflix with 994.6K% returns over past decade

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An analysis shows that Bitcoin has been the best rewarding investment during the last ten years, surpassing big tech companies and valuable commodities.

Charlie Bilello, Founder, and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors, tweeted this analysis that shows Bitcoin above all of big tech companies’ stock. BTC has returned 994,608% in the last ten years, surpassing the kinds of Tesla, NVIDIA, and Netflix. The tweet says:

“Total Returns over the last 10 Years… Bitcoin $BTC: +994,608%, Tesla $TSLA: +15,200%, NVIDIA $NVDA: +6,053%, Netflix $NFLX: +2,337%, Amazon $AMZN: +1,427%, Microsoft $MSFT: +1,280%, Apple $AAPL: +1,112%, Google $GOOGL: +937%, S&P 500 $SPY: +344%, Bonds $AGG: +35%, Gold $GLD: -6%.”

Is Gold Still a Good Investment?

Investment returns in 10 year periods are always interesting for long-term investors. Besides, those who want to keep the value of their holdings and have a long-term view in buying stocks or investments look at 10-year returns. According to the latest tweet by Charlie Bilello, Bitcoin (BTC) has been the best investment in terms of returning in the past decade. After that, there are big tech companies like Tesla, NVIDIA, Netflix, Amazon, and etc. the interesting data is about Gold that has recorded a -6% return in the last decade.

We can say that Gold and other valuable commodities may lose interest in the market. Investors, especially young ones, are considering more innovative investments. Many of them consider cryptocurrencies as the new valuable investment. Many of the experts suggest tech companies, too.


Michael Saylor has an interesting view of the latest data from Bilello. He replied to the recent tweet saying that the big win is for innovative companies and solutions.

He says the dominant providers of technology, monetary solutions, energy, entertainment, retail, software, mobile, and information are winners in the race of investment returns. In contrast, he calls the losers (Gold, for example) “diversified antiquated technology, fiat credit, and a box of rocks.”

If you asked a person two or three decades ago about good investments and winning stocks, they might suggest big industrial organizations and manufacturing companies. Gold and real estate would be among the top suggestions, too. But as we can see today, innovation wins the market race. Among the top-performing investments in the market, we see an innovative economic solution backed by no big company or government.

The next winners are companies that mainly focus on technological advances and innovative solutions. Maybe in the next decade, we see other innovative products or companies among the top gainers that are currently undervalued.

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