Binance Integrates Bitcoin ARC-20 Assets for Zero-Fee Trading

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  • Binance integrates Bitcoin ARC-20 tokens into its platform and offers commission-free trading for one month.
  • The exchange has added support for Taproot, improving privacy and smart contract processing capabilities.
  • Accessibility of the Web3 wallet to other blockchain networks has been expanded, enhancing platform versatility and increasing options for users.

Binance has announced a series of significant updates and news. They are aimed at improving user experience and expanding its service offerings.

One of them is the integration of Bitcoin ARC-20 tokens into the platform. With this, the exchange doubles down on efforts to strengthen interoperability between different blockchains and offers users the opportunity to fully leverage tokenization capabilities. To celebrate this integration, Binance has launched a commission-free trading promotion for Bitcoin ARC-20 tokens, valid until June 2, 2024. The offer aims to attract new users to the platform and provide added value to the existing community by reducing trading costs.

In addition to the integration of ARC-20, the platform has implemented several infrastructure improvements. One of them is support for Taproot, a technical upgrade for the Bitcoin network that enhances privacy and smart contract processing capabilities. This enhancement will allow Binance users to manage their BTC wallets more efficiently and choose from different types of addresses according to their needs.

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Binance Continues to Improve the Performance of its Tools

Another notable improvement is the expansion of accessibility of the Web3 wallet to other blockchain networks. This provides users with more options and versatility in managing their digital assets, while also promoting the adoption of different blockchain systems.

In terms of user experience, a series of changes were made to improve platform navigation and accessibility. The ‘Discover’ section was reorganized to offer a more intuitive and customer-focused experience. Additionally, 35 new decentralized applications have been integrated into the Web3 wallet.

This series of updates and news demonstrates the exchange’s daily effort towards innovation and improving its services. Binance continues to consolidate its position as the leading platform in the industry.


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