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Binance [BNB] – Crypto Exchange Binance Relaunches iOS App Following Month-Long Review

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has relaunched its Apple iOS mobile App after a month-long hiatus in what Binance described as a period of review by the Apple team. Binance announced the relaunch of Twitter on Friday saying that “The wait is over! The #Binance ?iOS APP is back!” the app is now available for iOS users to download. However, most are extremely disappointed in the company over the month-long delay in what can be described as a very ‘eventful’ month. A mobile application could have allowed some investors to get into and out of trades on the go, taking advantage of the volatility or otherwise exiting their positions on the move.

It seems that the Binance iOS app was approved on Friday and was relisted on the Apple AppStore immediately. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao wrote on Twitter this Friday that :

Getting “listed” in the App Store was a tough process, probably harder than getting listed on @Binance. Being the applicant, we worked hard and followed all the rules and procedures, never complained. And got there in the end. Enjoy the iOS app!

Binance iOS clientThe month-long unavailability hasn’t been the only time that the app was offline. The iOS users have had to endure several service interruptions, moments in which the app was unavailable, stability issues and crashing complaints all too frequent. So are users really going to enjoy the app as suggested by CZ? Hopefully so, as only time will tell.

The app relaunch comes at a time when Binance is planning to disable support for US users in its international platform and instead launch a new US-specific exchange dubbed Binance.US. In recent reports, the platform could launch as early as October this year according to CZ. This may cause an inconvenience considering that Binance.com will become unavailable to the same users this coming month of September. Which means that US users could be out of luck as they await the Binance.US platform to launch.

Over the last month, for the users that were dependent on the iOS app, waiting around was not an option as some sought alternative platforms to exchange their tokens and trade with convenience. For instance, the popular Huobi platform also has an iOS app and some may have chosen the platform over Binance. In this period, the iOS users had the option to trade on the web version of the platform. What will happen if the Binance.US platform does not launch in time as the Binance.com interface becomes unavailable? Several may choose to jump ship as Binance gets its ‘house’ in order.

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