Base Suffers First Major Outage Since Its Launch

Base Suffers First Major Outage Since Its Launch
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As per the recent development, the Base network has suffered its first major outage since its launch on August 9 this year. Just a while ago, no new blocks were created for almost 45 minutes on the chain. According to the Base status site, the developers first identified the stalled production around 9:36 pm UTC. As of now, the block production has resumed and has been working perfectly fine. However, despite the issue lasting that long, the teams managed to solve the outage within a matter of just 30 minutes.

The Base network has suffered its first major outage

Base announced that the platform identified and suffered a delay in block production as a part of its internal infrastructure needed a refresh. However, the team did implement a fix and is currently analyzing widespread recovery. The platform reassured its users that none of the funds were at any form of risk.

The platform also highlighted that the team would continue to monitor the chain in hopes of identifying any further issues as it is the firts time. Base was developed by Coinbase and was launched almost a month ago and it never happened until now.

Base Receives Criticism Following Outage

The outage issue was listed as the Base stall chain on the project’s status page. The developers initially believed that common users might face bottlenecks regarding the submission of transactions. This turned out to be true and the issue was resolved within a span of 14 minutes. Not too long after, Base started seeing recovery in bock production along with Gossip. Gossip is the node-to-node exchange of state information. Despite a widespread recovery, an ongoing issue with the remote procedure calls delayed the issuance of an all-clear report.

Base Suffers First Major Outage Since Its Launch

Following the outage, several analysts throughout the crypto space pointed out the differences in Ethereum’s layer 2 network and also claimed that they are not as battle-tested as Ethereum’s mainnet. They also pointed out that Ethereum layer 2 solutions are not exactly Ethereum as it is more battle-tested in comparison to them and also require lesser trust assumptions.

Despite still being in the phase of its youth, the network has seen major growth as it logged daily transaction volumes much greater than its Ethereum foundation. DefiLlama has pointed out that the network has generated almost $6 million in protocol fees, which was mostly driven as a result of popularity among the memecoin crowd.


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