Azbit and its financial services ecosystem

Azbit and its financial services ecosystem
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The financial services have found in blockchain a cutting-edge technology that ostensibly improves all the benefits of the banking system. Azbit in that perspective developed its platform, about which we will talk here.

Azbit was born with the aim of creating an ecosystem of cryptocurrency services that provide safe, profitable and convenient commercial instruments to its clients and cryptocurrency holders. This ecosystem brings together proven instruments in the area of ​​traditional exchange and currency trading.

Because of the regulations that are imposed and hinder transactions and fundraising to boost projects, the ICO market has decreased considerably, and naturally the investors who hold it have studied with greater caution where to put their money to weigh the risks.

In recent months, the regulations in several countries have become more stringent due to corruption cases or fraudulent projects that seek to raise funds to deceive investors and fail to meet their obligations. This has caused ICO-style collection funds for projects of blockchain to be examined cautiously.

An ecosystem with an attachment to the law

In view of the aforementioned scenario, Azbit seeks to establish itself under European jurisdiction taking into account existing regulations to guarantee its clients access to traditional markets without obstacles.

In addition, the platform is creating a series of subsidiaries that will be registered independently in various jurisdictions, thus seeking to provide users with the functions they need in each jurisdiction.

Although the cryptocurrency legislation still has a way to go, Azbit is committed to a platform that, in addition to being efficient, meets the needs of its clients and its policies are in accordance with the respective legal framework.


Currently all the services offered by Azbit comply with the requirements of the current legislation of the European Union and the United States in terms of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, all with the intention of protecting the interests of investors and users of the platform.

One of the qualities of Azbit is that it pays close attention to the legal registration of its activities to avoid inconveniences with the authorities, this aspect generates trust and empathy in its users.

In the Azbit platform, a space was developed for the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies and several subsidiaries that hold licenses awarded to different jurisdictions, in turn, they will include modules that will be responsible for their functionality and a set of instruments negotiated in a single platform.

Obtaining banking licenses facilitates the management of banking systems and helps avoid inconveniences for both the correspondent banks and the Azbit system. To date, the ecosystem has obtained a payment entity license in the Czech Republic and is making the necessary efforts to obtain a banking license in the European Union.

The main objective of this innovative banking system is to provide customers with the best traditional financial services in the fast-moving market of cryptocurrencies, in order to promote block chains for companies, individuals and cryptography enthusiasts, to reduce internal operations, expenses or risks and increasing the benefits for the clients of the organization.

Among the services offered by Azbit are:

  • Opening and service of the account
  • Services and payments of the account (SWIFT, SEPA)
  • Payments and accounts in national currencies
  • Fiat payment services

This platform and its details can be reviewed more thoroughly in its White Paper. We also recommend following them on your Telegram channel to stay updated on all their news.



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