Avalanche and Alipay Team Up for Web3 Voucher Program

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  • Avalanche and Alipay+ D-store offer a Web3-enabled coupon program for discounts on milk teas.
  • Expansion of the program to reach over 100 million users in Southeast Asia.
  • The flexibility of the Avalanche Subnet and the potential for collaborations will drive the digitization of retail.

The Avalanche platform is taking digitalization to the next level with its partnership with Alipay+ D-store to offer an innovative Web3-enabled coupon program. This program, running on a Subnet built and managed by AvaCloud, allows users of Alipay+-associated e-wallets to receive discounts of up to 50% on milk teas from popular brands in the Southeast Asian region.

The program’s dynamics are simple yet powerful: users can participate in a mini-game on Alipay+ D-store within their associated wallet, and upon completion, they receive a Web3-enabled coupon in the same wallet.

This project is just the first phase of an ambitious two-part plan. The second phase aims to expand the program to reach over 100 million users in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Chinese tourists visiting these countries. This represents a significant opportunity for Alipay+ D-store and other associated brands to explore new ways to interact with users and generate additional revenue.

Alipay+ D-store stands out as an all-in-one solution for digitalizing business operations. With tools that unify processes in physical and online stores, orders, marketing, and analytics, this platform allows merchants to set up an online store in just 10 minutes and with no upfront costs. This greatly simplifies the digitalization process for merchants, which in turn can improve the customer experience and increase sales.

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Avalanche Will Revolutionize Traditional Consumption Methods

One of the key advantages of this program is the flexibility offered by the Avalanche Subnet. By allowing developers to customize EVM chains according to their needs, including specific privacy configurations, the program can adapt to a wide range of use cases and business requirements.

Furthermore, the partnership between Alipay+ D-store and Avalanche opens the door to potential collaborations with other brands using Web3 technologies, such as digital collectibles and other blockchain-driven features. This could lead to the creation of unique user experiences and the generation of new business opportunities in the future.

Avalanche, with its innovative approach and ability to leverage emerging technologies, has the potential to transform how consumers interact with brands and make purchases in the region.


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