Avail Joins Forces with Top Layer-2 Networks for Revolutionary Web3 Scaling

Avail Joins Forces with Top Layer-2 Networks for Revolutionary Web3 Scaling
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  • Avail partners with five leading layer-2 networks to improve scalability in Web3.
  • Collaboration with Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, StarkWare and zkSync to improve data accessibility and rollup unification.
  • Emphasizes a data availability (DA) layer to create more scalable and efficient chains.

Avail, a blockchain solution focused on Web3 unification, has announced strategic collaborations with five major layer-2 networks with the goal of improving scalability in Web3 through data readiness and rollup unification.

The announcement revealed that Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, StarkWare and zkSync are the new partners that will leverage Avail’s data suitability (DA) layer and its unification architecture.

This collaboration aims to create more scalable, efficient and composable chains capable of incorporating millions of users.

Avail’s primary focus is on its data availability (DA) layer, which will serve as the foundation for the unification architecture through mathematical guarantees of data readiness and an integrated ecosystem of validators.

Limited data accessibility remains one of the biggest obstacles to mass adoption in the blockchain industry and to optimizing networks for large-scale use.

Without the right amount of data suitability, scalability is limited.

Eli Ben-Sasson, CEO of StarkWare, highlighted that solutions that optimize data and unify Web3 are key to building a “seamless user experience for everyone.”

Avail Joins Major Layer-2 Networks to Revolutionize Web3

The news comes after Avail announced an April 18 airdrop of 600 million tokens

This strategy from the project aims to not only actively engage the community, but also encourage more dynamic and collaborative participation within its thriving ecosystem.

By encouraging the participation of users, developers and other key actors, the company seeks to strengthen the foundations of its platform and promote sustained and organic growth in the blockchain space.

Avail’s strategic partnership with these leading layer-2 networks represents a significant step toward improving not only scalability, but also efficiency in the vast and dynamic Web3 space.

This collaboration highlights the company commitment to adopting innovative solutions and advanced layer-2 technologies to overcome today’s scalability challenges and provide a more seamless and efficient experience for all users and developers within its ecosystem and beyond.

The focus on data accessibility and rollup unification underscores the platform commitment to addressing key challenges in the blockchain industry and promoting a more robust and accessible ecosystem for all users and developers.


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