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Authorities in Brazil Arrest a Suspect for Money Laundering with the Leading Crypto, Bitcoin

Just recently, the Brazilian law enforcement officials shut down a Bitcoin (BTC) mining farm that operated in a clandestine drug laboratory in Porto Alegre. According to sources familiar with the news, Brazilian police arrested the man responsible for operating the drug lab. Apparently the arrested suspect used Bitcoin (BTC) to launder the proceeds.

The clandestine BTC mining laboratory was located by the State Department of Drug Trafficking in Porto Alegre while they were chasing a suspected drug trafficker on the 23rd of April 2019. In the lab, the authorities found mining equipment worth R$ 250,000. The devices were switched on and running 24/7 mining BTC.

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According to his statement, the suspect claimed to be responsible for the 25 digital mining equipment found in his laboratory. He however argued that he owned the machines since he had entered the crypto market to mine digital assets. The suspect was also accused of stealing electricity to mine the virtual currencies.

Drug Trafficking Allegations

According to the police, the man was also involved in drug trafficking deals.

“The flat is well-hidden. We are going to investigate further. Everything points to a Bitcoin mining operation. They could be exchanging the money and use it to fuel drug trafficking. Here is also a possibility that they are using the funds derived from drug trafficking to buy Bitcoin,’’ said Adriano Nonnemacher, one of the police officers.

The suspect denied being involved in illicit organizations dealing with drugs. According to other reports, the arrested suspect allegedly has a history of drug trafficking and murder of a military police officer.

The Leading Crypto in Fraudulent Activities

Crypto currencies have been linked several times to quite a number of illegal activities and despite the fact that there are other privacy coins in the crypto market Bitcoin reigns supreme in the criminal world.

A few months back, India’s Bharatiya Janata Party was accused by the Indian Congress of money laundering using Bitcoin. The accusations were led by the party’s questionable activities. Apparently, the party used Bitcoin to convert its ‘black money into white’. The party allegedly converted 760 million USD into Bitcoin.


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