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Australians will be able to pay for basic services with cryptocurrencies

Citizens and residents of Australia will be allowed to pay for their basic services by using cryptocurrencies, thanks to a new alliance between the crypto-exchange Cointree, and the automated bill payment company Gobbill.

Via an announcement posted in its official blog on August 20, the Australian exchange and digital wallet explained that with this new association, those who wish to pay for services and other household bills with cryptocurrencies will be able to do so in a fast and easy way.

Australia accept cryptocurrencies

The post states that Gobbill will serve as a middleman by carrying out the payment on behalf of the users with their funds, while Cointree will allow the performance of said operation with the crypto coins available in its platform – such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

Gobbill co-founder Shendon Ewans declared that this initiative adds a notable value to people who want to adopt these virtual assets in their lives, pointing that the main goal of the company is being at the forefront of technological innovations, as well as to offer their clients quality and security against frauds and scams.

“We anticipate a surge in the number of customers who would like to pay their bills in crypto in the coming years. Our partnership with Cointree will cater to this market and ensure Gobbill continues to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to allowing our users to pay their bills automatically, while knowing they’re protected from fraud and scams,” Ewans said.

Certain advantages surging from this alliance are to be noted. In Gobbills case, users can link a crypto wallet to their account and pay their bills, an unavailable option until now; while Cointree – which already allowed the payment of certain services – will be able to expand their offer.

Australia on Blockchain

This is not the first partnership of this kind in Australia. Since 2014, the aussie startup Living Room of Satoshi enables users to do a similar thing with digital currencies; a testament of the level of development and interest on blockchain that have arisen in the country.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that a couple of weeks ago, Australian entrepreneur Fred Schebesta announced the creation of a cryptocurrency bank, with the purpose of encouraging the growth of this ecosystem through loans services, planning to start operations in about 18 months.

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