Scammers Hijack Attorney Jeremy Hogan’s Twitter to Promote XRP Scam

Scammers Hijack Attorney Jeremy Hogan's Twitter to Promote XRP Scam
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Attorney Jeremy Hogan, a well-known advocate for the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency, fell victim to a hacking incident that saw his Twitter account compromised by scammers. The attackers utilized his account to spread false information about a fake XRP giveaway, targeting unsuspecting XRP holders.

Pro-XRP Attorney Jeremy Hogans Twitter Account Compromised

In a tweet sent out by the hackers, XRP holders were enticed to claim free tokens they call “XRPX” from a website, supposedly in celebration of Ripple’s recent legal victory against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The scammers attempted to capitalize on Attorney Hogan’s reputation and involvement in the high-profile lawsuit, using his account to add credibility to their deceitful messages.

XRP Community Reacts Swiftly to Warn Others about the hack to Attorney Jeremy Hogan

XRP Community Reacts Swiftly to Warn Others about Attorney Jeremy Hogan's Twitter Account Compromised

As expected, the Ripple (XRP) community quickly caught wind of the hacking incident, with prominent enthusiasts, including Attorney James Filan and Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton, warning others about the scam. Jesse Hynes, the founder of Seedstarter, was also among the first to alert others about the compromised account.

Attorney Deaton, a managing partner of the Deaton Law Firm, who had previously experienced a Twitter hack himself, shared tips on how to report the compromised account to recover it and prevent further harm.

The recent attack on Attorney Jeremy Hogan’s Twitter is not an isolated incident in the crypto space. Hackers and fraudsters have been a persistent menace, employing various malicious tactics to steal digital assets and deceive investors. As reported earlier, the founder of the Uniswap decentralized crypto exchange, Hayden Adams, also suffered a Twitter hack on July 20 in which phishing links were posted on his page.

A post from Adam’s account claimed that the site’s Permit2 contract had been “affected by an unknown exploit” and that users’ tokens were in danger, convincing them to click on a malicious link.

With the rising popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi), attacks have become more sophisticated, leading to significant financial losses for those who fall victim. Interestingly, most of these hackers target prominent industry figures and platforms.

As scammers continue to exploit high-profile figures and social media accounts to promote fraudulent schemes, the crypto community must remain vigilant and cautious. It’s crucial to report such incidents promptly and spread awareness to protect fellow enthusiasts from falling victim to these malicious attacks.


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